Studying facing East all the time, still not getting the proper Result?

Studying facing East all the time, still not getting the proper Result

Growing up as school kids in India, almost all of us have some memories about our parents, friends and other well-wishers telling us to study facing the East. The fact, however, is that there is no one direction that is suitable for all fields of study.

The ‘most suitable direction’ actually depends on the subject that is being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in Mathematics and Science, students should study facing the west. If one studies facing the South, he develops good debating skills, logical ability and sharp business acumen. When studying creative or religious works, one should study facing the east.

These days, the most common issue that the parents face regarding children is that they do not pay much attention to studies. For such children, the study table should be set up in the middle of the South-West and West i.e. West of South-West(WSW). If this arrangement is not possible, then try the following alternative zones for setting up the study – North-East (NE), South- East (SE) and South (S). If children do not concentrate on their books and are frequently distracted, they should study facing the West.

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