Buildings are a living organism, like the human nervous system.Building  can be designed in “harmonic quality” with the basic underlying energy structure of the universe. Vastu design uses the fundamentals of sacred geometry to create structures for human beings which, by their, size, shape, orientation, and other factors, which helps to maintain health, wisdom, happiness, growth , security, and prosperity for their inhabitants – be they homeowners or business people.Vastu Desingned Homes And Vastu Consulting

If you are planning to construct a new home or office or factory or a commercial building , it is always advisable to ensure, Vastu compliance in the structure right from the beginning to get the best results in future growth and avoid any structural changes later.

When you opt for a Vastu Perfect New Design, your requirements for the new design are noted in detail along with necessary details about your occupation, Birth chart , and  targets that you wish to achieve in your future  your new buildings. Specially in Residential buildings , we also note details of all family members like Birth chart details ,  any health issues, family issues and their targets or any other specific issues.

Accordingly, the design is prepared for you to help you achieve success in your efforts and growth . You can also send us a proposed plan from your Architects , so that the Vastu Verma can add suggestions in it.2-3 weeks are required to suggest the best plan for you as per your birth chart and profession.

To know more information about vastu consultation or queries , read FAQ Section.

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To know the exact fees and time, kindly meet personally  Vastu Verma  or fill online Contact form or call at +91 9041911005 or mail at Please note payments are 100% in advance.

Space is the fundamental source and energy for all things, for their origination and for their existence .  This important scientific concept, the tradition of Vastu has been holding with it from the Vedic period and, in fact, from the period even prior to Vedic times. It maintains that SPACE itself turns into spatial forms and it has its own mathematical order or dynamics for changing into aural and visual forms.

Space is energy filled or energy stuffed. If this energetic space gets limited or enclosed by four walls then the building becomes a living organism, having rhythmic vibrancy. Like the inner space enclosed with-in our bodies, the house also feels and vibrates. This rhythmic vibration is made to resonate with our inner vibrations and by this resonance the in dweller of the house is able to be in harmony and communion with the universal space (Paramatma) and to experience spiritual bliss.

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