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Vastu, Astrology & Numerology are inter-related or inter-connected with each other, with respect to the directions. Every direction, in Vastu is governed by a particular planet/energy.

In Astrology , planets has its number ,color . Each direction has it`s own significance and utilization as per Vastu Shastra.

While entering to any place may it be a house( Independent or Flat) , Shop, Factory,Office, Prayer Place, we are affected with the bio-electro-magnetic radiations (energy) of that places. This energies directly affects our soul, mind and body. If the flow of energies are positive, we feel peaceful relaxed and our breathing is normal. If the energy of that place is negative, or say unbalanced then immediately our breathing will increase or very low. Even take too much energy to communicate with others  and feel uneasy and ultimately take wrong decisions which leads to loss of wealth , health & happiness.

To avoid all these negative aspects from life it becomes very important to follow vastu principles when  buy a plot (land) , constructed place or construct the building (house, factory, office, bungalow, Mall) etc. and can increase chance to enjoy peaceful happy life. This is very interesting that person buy plot no. of the same no , which planet mahadasha-antardasha (MDL – ADL ) is going on in their birth chart.


With Numerology, we know the lucky and destiny number of person we can find the right and fruitful direction . Most of us know own date of birth. Suppose your birth day is on 28th then add the date to single digit. It comes to 2+8=10 = 1+0=1. Now add the total date of birth. If it is 28th August 1975 than add all the numbers to single digit that is 2+8+0+8+1+9+7+5=40=4+0=4. This way by adding the day and full date of birth we got two numbers 1 as Lucky number and 4 as Destiny number.

Now, let us co-relate our Lucky number and Destiny number with the Eight Directions and its ruling number with the help of below table.

Directions Planet Ruling Number
East-North-East , EAST Surya (Sun) 1 (One)
North Budh (Mercury) 5 (Five)
South-South-East , South Mangal (Mars) 9 (Nine)
West South West , West Shani ( Saturn ) 8 (Eight)
North-East Jupiter 3  (Three)
North-North-East Ketu 7 ( Seven)
East-South-East , South-East Shukar (Venus) 6 (Six)
West-North-West, North-West Chandra (Moon) 2 (Two)
South-South-West, South-West Rahu 4 (Four)

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