Lord Ganesha at Entrance ?

Placing a figurine of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of homes, offices, shops and other buildings has been in vogue since a long time. Most people believe that it is inauspicious to place the image or statue of Lord Ganesha with his back towards their home. So, they place another image on the inside of [READ MORE]

Worshiping facing North-East ?

Worshiping facing North-East?

A widely followed myth is that the act of worshipping or puja should be performed in the Ishaan or the North-East (NE) direction only. However, if you observe old palaces or old homes made exactly as per Vastu Shastra, puja altars were made in the West Zone of the building. Moreover, in all the temples, [READ MORE]

Do you really feel your adjoining kitchen and toilet is the reason for your problems?

It is a common misconception that a kitchen and a toilet should not be adjoining each other in a building. Surprisingly, the ideal location for a toilet and kitchen is the one adjacent to each other, says the Vastu theory of five elements and the Vastu  Chakra. As per our own experience and observation – [READ MORE]

Do you really feel that an Anti-Clockwise staircase placed in your home is creating obstacles in your success ?

Many people consider anti-clockwise stairs as extremely negative. Our seniors  collected a lot of data to clarify whether the stairs should be clockwise or anti-clockwise. Interestingly, in the original texts of Vastu Shastra there are no guidelines on staircases. From our seniors observations,  derived the formula which measures the effects of clockwise and anti-clockwise staircases. As per [READ MORE]

Have you allocated a room in North-West direction to your Marriageable Child just because you consider this direction is responsible for fast movements?

The North-West Zone is the Zone of support and banking. However, it is foolish to think that goods placed here will see faster commercial movement, or that young unmarried girl sleeping in this Zone will get marriage proposals instantly. Our Vastu experts visited the homes of people who claimed that the NW Zone proved lucky [READ MORE]

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