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Vastu, Astrology & Numerology are inter-related or inter-connected with each other, with respect to the directions. Every direction, in Vastu is governed by a particular planet/energy. In Astrology , planets has its number ,color . Each direction has it`s own significance and utilization as per Vastu Shastra. While entering to any place may it be [READ MORE]

Studying facing East all the time, still not getting the proper Result?

Studying facing East all the time, still not getting the proper Result
Growing up as school kids in India, almost all of us have some memories about our parents, friends and other well-wishers telling us to study facing the East. The fact, however, is that there is no one direction that is suitable for all fields of study. The ‘most suitable direction’ actually depends on the subject [READ MORE]

Toilet in the North direction of you home

Without having proper knowledge of Vastu, one cannot decide the correct direction for his various activities in a particular Space. Many Vastu consultants who do not understand Vastu correctly argue that a toilet represents a Water element or Rahu planet as per Astrology and hence should be placed in the North direction. Even worse, many [READ MORE]

More gains in Business with a Vastu compliant design of your new house

VASTU, a word derived from the Sanskrit language having root words as “vas + tun” which means an art of constructing building, house etc on any place. The word vastu is contained in the shastra called “Vastu Shastra”. This shastra contains all in deep knowledge about the construction in accordance with five elements of nature. [READ MORE]

In Vastu Myth or Fact : Sleeping in Front of a Mirror – Better Sleep

Many people consult  Vastu experts saying that they are confused about the location of their dressing table. They fear that having the reflection of their bed in the mirror may cause misery in relationships and sleep disorders. The reflection of the bed in dressing table mirror does not create any negative effect by itself. It is [READ MORE]

Misconception in the minds of people for common wall of kitchen and toilet.

There is a small misconception in the minds of people for common wall of kitchen and toilet. They think that an adjoining of a kitchen and toilet should not be done while they are in the same building. In Practice , none of the adjoining kitchen-toilet designs followed in hundreds of buildings have created any [READ MORE]

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