More gains in Business with a Vastu compliant design of your new house

VASTU, a word derived from the Sanskrit language having root words as “vas + tun” which means an art of constructing building, house etc on any place.

The word vastu is contained in the shastra called “Vastu Shastra”. This shastra contains all in deep knowledge about the construction in accordance with five elements of nature. It is evolved from the ancient old Indian architectural science.

The whole and soul purpose of the vastu is to bring positive energy in the place and its surrounding by removing negative energies and thus brings happiness & prosperous life. It basically stabilizes the relation between man and the nature by following its rules.

It is already known that the ancient houses, temples, forts and all places or construction of Ramayana, Mahabharata and many several old civilizations are made in accordance with the vastu. But from few years peoples take vastu more like superstition rather than considering, it as science which is essential and more important for the modern world to understand the real importance of vastu & take it into consideration.

The vastu shastra is evolved several years back. In that time, people are dependent on the elements of nature to fulfill all their needs. They combine all the forces of the universe while building any house. And thus they strictly follow the principles of the shastra while building any new construction.

After so many studies and research, experts come up with different vastu zones. Each direction zone have different specific force and importance. Here direction plays the important role. Everything is planned according to the directions of Vastu Purusha Mandala.


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