“With the help of Vastu Verma, You may Experience True Joy & Happiness “.
You are the only one with the source of eternal joy, but you cannot experience it because of outside circumstances. Your hand, for instance, is used for particular functions, such as grasping items and detecting their textures or temperatures. See a doctor if your hand is incapable of holding or feeling. Your hand is not forced to grip or feel by the doctor; rather, he returns it to its original, balanced state, enabling it to carry out its intended functions. In order to accomplish this, he determines the underlying reason why the hand is not working normally. Similarly, your mind is naturally capable of experiencing perpetual happiness and delight.
Similarly, your mind is naturally capable of experiencing perpetual happiness and delight. 
The conscious mind receives all of its experiences, inputs, and information in two different ways. The first is through the five sense organs—heart, nose, eyes, skin, and tongue—which are in charge of hearing, smell, seeing, touching, and tasting, in that order.
 The subconscious mind provides input in a second way. Your living environment is a source of knowledge for your subconscious mind. Establishing a connection with your inner wellspring of eternal joy is another function of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can no longer maintain its connection to the inner wellspring of happiness and joy if it is overloaded with irrelevant information from your living and working environments. 
Applying the Vastu at home and business helps you reconnect with your inner source of joy and satisfaction. This opens the door to endless joy and true happiness for both your conscious and subconscious thoughts. 
Physically, if ENE and NNW VastuZones are imbalanced due to wrongly placed kitchens, toilets, or stores in these Zones, then you are not able to enjoy your success, relationships, money, and other achievements.
 Vastu Verma can help you identify the causes of your unhappiness, and you can use Vastu Techniques to find true happiness. 
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