Rather than waiting for opportunities or running after people to try and get what you want, you can use Vastu to generate new opportunities for yourself. To create opportunities, there is a Vastu Zone. Try the Enlightening Technique in North Vastu Zone, if you feel trapped in life, don’t have a job or work that aligns with your education and skills, or simply wish to broaden the scope of your Karma (Actions for Contributing to the world – even for generating more money).
Watch what opportunities life throws at you in the next three weeks!
Vastu offers highly targeted solutions for new opportunities, primarily geared toward improved career and financial advancement. If you have some understanding of Vastu, you can tailor your answers. For instance, you are looking for better offers and want to change jobs. In the same way, Vastu helps to ‘tap’ a new sphere with superior offers if you wish to move from one industry to another (for example, food processing to media). Many case studies at VastuCentre demonstrate how that was accomplished by individuals using Vastu Verma.
In a similar vein, business is affected by this. Vastu can also be highly helpful if you are operating your existing business well and would like to invest in a new project but are not finding the correct kind of prospects.
For instance, a lot of people recently had the chance to invest in real estate at the perfect moment and profit greatly from it. Even with money held in reserve for investments, those whose “Zone of Opportunity” was banned were denied the opportunity to succeed.

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