To improve the working and output of offices, we checked

  • what was the purpose of office space and
  • why it was not being fulfilled.
  • Why there were commitment failures;
  • why the staff was not supportive;
  • why there were breakdowns of system at crucial moments;
  • why they lacked fame/ goodwill;
  • why they were unable to progress.

With this habit of getting to the root cause of anything coupled with the habit of ‘perceiving the world as it is, he had become well aware of the sequence in which an event takes place in nature.

Once that sequence was decoded, we knew, how to set right poor-performing offices on the path of growth, output, and success. This was the basic mantra on which we designed offices for Business Houses,

We visit your Residence & observe and make a detailed practical study of the entire building checking and recording the influence of roads, building height, back lane, slopes, lights, water and in office common corridor, escalator, roads, elevation, building height, and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries.

For Factories, we will check with the help of advanced tools and techniques of earth energies. We will also check and record roads and many other factors located outside and inside your factory. Also, the study of the layout of the machine and production flow is undertaken.

We prepare and give you the Vastu Report with suggestions of the most effective Vastu Solutions and Remedies to achieve the desired results for you.

Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before the commencement of the project.

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