How to have calmer home life with the balance of 5 Elements

Remove any negative energy from your living space. ANIL VERMA, Vastu Expert, provides ways to relieve stress with simple yet effective solutions.

Do you ever wonder if your house might bring you stress? It could be true if some areas of your home make you happy while others make you miserable.

Objects related to earth, water, fire, air, and space should ideally be kept in their designated locations/directions to maintain a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

When you are stressed, your sleep is disrupted, you lose your temper regularly, and your thoughts churn endlessly when you are at home.

Life presents you a variety of obstacles. Students and graduates may face problems with jobs, money, college entrance exams, and peer pressure. Parents may be concerned about loans, insurance, their children’s future, looming old age, and other difficulties. Children’s stress levels might sometimes exceed those of their parents! Despite the fact that stress is known to cause heart attacks, diabetes, addictions, obesity, and infertility, among other things, these manifestations are commonly seen as common disorders.

It’s strange how little effort is made to alleviate stress for non-medical reasons. These disorders are strange, but you live with them as if they were normal.

Most problems have their origins in your own home. Find it, treat it, and live happily ever after. It may sound like something out of a fable, but it is true.

Vastu Shastra study has yielded simple yet highly powerful treatments that you may readily learn and practice at home; they will leave you smiling, carefree, and relaxed. Vastu, an ancient science, has established a clear and straightforward method for diagnosing and correcting improper energy balances in your home. After treatment, the positive energy in the previously imbalanced Space is restored, as are you!

The home is an emotional infrastructure . It is full of energy, which is represented by the feelings you experience. These factors influence your emotional and physical wellness. Do you realize that the energy flow — positive or negative — within your home affects your interactions with others? If the universal energy outside your home is in sync with the energy inside your home, you will live a happy, healthy life. Vastu-compliant homes are positive energy buildings. The family is at ease, the living environment is well-balanced, and life is free of tension.

According to Vastu Shastra, distinct directions or zones are designated for specific activities based on the energy present in each direction. Its methodologies for defining zones and zonal strengths can be utilized efficiently to determine the direction of each portion of your house and its contents.

The same may be true about the south-south-west(SSW) zone. The waste and expenditure zone This room is best suited for the toilet and trash storage.

Avoid building a toilet in the North-East(NE) zone; it may result in serious neurological illnesses, depression, and perhaps fatal diseases. A storage room in the north-east will make you depressed.

Anxiety is created when the house residents spend a long time and  doing their daily tasks in the east-south-east(ESE)  direction — the Vastu zone of churning. If this zone is too excess, it creates too much analysis; if it is too less, it causes restlessness, losses, and an increase in concern. Sleeping here will disrupt your relationships as well as your health. So. Remember that a bedroom in this direction is always no.

If your bedroom is already in this zone, there is a solution. Once the flaw is identified, Vastu Shastra provides solutions. Paint the walls a light cream, pale yellow, or faint pastel green to offset the negative impact. These colors drastically decrease and absorb tension. Pray in the northeast, and do yoga in the north-northeast or south-southeast. This will also aid in stress reduction.

The west-north-west is another zone that might bring mental health issues if handled incorrectly. Avoid putting in a bedroom, prayer room, exercise area, or kitchen. Diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, and stress and anxiety disorders are induced using this zone.

Relocating activities and things to their correct zones is the greatest option. Because this is not always achievable, applying Vastu remedies to the damaged areas is the next best option. For example, placing a deer sculpture or a washing machine in the west-northwest zone can charge the energy and the washing machine will wash away unwanted memories. The northeast storeroom can be painted the right color (blue or white), but the toilet should not be utilized. The south-southwest zone’s negative impact can be lessened by painting it a light cream color, but ideally, utilize this space just for the trash can or other items that must be disposed of.

Objects associated with water, fire, earth, air, and space should ideally be preserved in their designated locations to promote overall harmony and tranquillity. Position the study table in the west-to-southwest direction to lessen student concern over studying. If you are unhappy with your current employment and want to change it. Then a photo of lush green countryside in the north zone will open up new possibilities.

The south zone is crucial. Its vitality is perfect for both leisure and renown. A bedroom here is beneficial to you. A healthy south zone promotes peaceful sleep and a happy conjugal life. Emotional security contributes significantly to happiness. See how easy it is to use Vastu to benefit you and your house!


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