‘Green’ paves way for monetary gains

Do you feel that your hard work has gone unnoticed and your efforts bore no fruit because nobody recognized them in the first place ? Each one of you must have gone through this phase at some point. Some times you might have compromised with the situation by calling it our ‘destiny’ – you do [READ MORE]

Luxurious Bathroom Toilet is good, but take care with the direction for Health and Finances

The humble and utilitarian bathroom has undergone a makeover, and how! For contemporary well-heeled homeowners, a luxuriously appointed bathroom is as important as, say, the living room or the house furniture. And it not only about the basic requirements – bathroom decor nowadays includes exotic artifacts, artwork and assorted greenery, in addition to entertainment in [READ MORE]

Heal Depression with the help of Vastu

Depression can be described as a mental condition in which our mind visualizes everything from negative perspective. If we talk about depression in Vastu language, then it is the disturbance in the flow of natural energies from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha. This is the reason why mind doesn’t feel energetic and consciousness gets stuck [READ MORE]

Right location of ‘Dustbin’ can bring in treasures

Yes, there is no clear mention of a bin in Vastu Shastra, but after the detailed checking aVastu analysis, it is found that energies emanated through the bin make it a powerful object that should be placed in an appropriate direction to ensure positivity. The bin is used to throw away unnecessary and useless things; [READ MORE]

Lion for confidence in North North East Vastu Zone

Are you feeling low on confidence levels and do you have a nagging feeling that you are losing your influence and authority in the outside world? Are you feeling that you simply do not have the energy to face the world? influence on society. When interacting with government officials, if you feel unnecessarily intimidated, and you [READ MORE]

Your moods are a mirror image of the colours in your world

Each colour creates an atmosphere that directly influences the mood of an individual. In fact, colours themselves have moods that change in accordance with the direction these colours are placed in. For instance, green in East along with yellow in West dispel loneliness, and the same colours become a healer in North of North-West. Some [READ MORE]

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