Consultation of  Vastu Verma in your house and place of employment can give you a sense of empowerment and confidence. When you lack confidence in yourself, you make erratic decisions which leads to mental instability. Self-confidence leads to making wise decisions. 
You experience a lack of power and confidence when the VastuZone of Power and Confidence is weak or unbalanced. Residents in such area get overconfident and make risky judgments that are either impractical or financially disastrous if this zone is expanded. Thus, in order to have the appropriate level of confidence at the appropriate moment, you must have a balance in this zone. 
Insecurity also contributes to the emergence of a scary mindset when interacting with the outside world. Others are left wondering if they should accept your offer to collaborate. Increasing self-assurance also eliminates this component. Additionally, a lack of confidence lets other people control you constantly. Because of other people’s influence, you are unable to maintain your position and always end up operating against your consciousness. Maintaining a balanced Vastu Zone of power and confidence is crucial to overcoming these circumstances. 
One particular client was in a highly stressful situation in his joint family business. He always thinks , from where they grow , they will not come back in that position. He was living on the first floor of the home in the NNW and North zone, and in ,South of south East (Power and Confidence) was disturbed due to a store in that part of the building, and they also placed Snake and Ledder in the same direction .Also , his reason for tension was that his father never honoured his views in business also . He was always in fear that they will not come back down in position from they have started. 
Apart from that , he was never able to express his way of thinking in joint decision making due to lack of confidence. When Vastu was applied in their home for business growth, the store  was treated with Paints and light and game was also removed from home. During a follow up discussion, his father and elder brother said that there is a big change in personality and attitude of the younger brother. This client also felt remarkable improvements and he said, “I don’t know from where the confidence has come but now I too can place my point of view , deal with new clients and thinking at the right time in a better way for the growth of our joint family business”.
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