Vaastu is the greatest and most efficient method for managing aberrant behavior at work or in one’s home. Illogical behavior in the home can cause family ties and relationships to suffer, and productivity levels in businesses can begin to decline. Labor unrest can result from creating uneasiness in an industry. 
Vastu  have been used as a tool to manage the behavior of the inhabitants of a given territory since ancient times. In the past, Vastu experts had deciphered human behavior and discovered a clear correlation between the energies of the Earth and the energy fields formed within constructed environments. Buddha statues were deliberately erected in Afghanistan around 2000 years ago in an effort to quell turmoil there. You may observe how, ever since those sculptures were demolished, an overwhelming restlessness has once again spread throughout the region. There are some locations on Earth where modern advances have disrupted ancient tranquility, if you look around. 
According to Vastushastri Anil Verma, individuals are motivated by their emotions, and emotion (Bhawna) is the daughter of construction (Bhavana). 
Anxiety stems from unbalanced structures and disrupted Earth’s and built environments’ energy fields. Vastu Verma assists you in identifying the underlying reason of aberrant behavior in your home and at work so that you may implement easy-to-implement control measures. For instance, North-East Vastu Zone’s kitchen consistently produces illogical behavior. Without having to make structural adjustments, you can easily control such behavior patterns with straightforward color and light solutions. 
There are numerous such instances when unhealthy behavior has been changed back to normal. 
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