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Vastu Consultant Mrs. Rajnish Verma & Mr. Anil Verma are Founder’s of VastuVerma Organization. VastuVerma Organization is an Advance Astro-Vastu Consultant’s with expert knowledge in the field of Vastu Shastra, Astrology and Numerology.Mrs. Rajnish Verma is Master’s in Computer Application (M.A, MSC(IT), MCA, B.ED)with Teaching backround as a lecturer and Anil Verma is Master’s in Computer Applications (software Design & Development – 18 Years Experience) . This combination of Qualifications and Professional Experience makes us a Business Mind Space Programmer.

We Programme Buildings and Sub Conscious Minds through Vastu Shastra , Astrology & Numerology . We are practicing Vastu Shastra ,Astrology and Numerology for over a decade.

Due to both have IT background , We always like to research & experience the new concepts for  resolving vastu defects without demolition of building , managing by  alternative methods and programming of space , with the help easily available gazets , which are now a part of daily life,  like Wi-Fi, Dish Antenna , Mobile , Exhaust fan, Mobile, Paintings etc., as per Astro-Vastu in which a Horoscope and Numero Chart is first to analyzed and linked to the Vastu of Home, Office and Factories of an individuals.

When changes are made in the Vastu of building , the Horoscope starts giving results as per the new placements of planetary objects .

These changes help you realize your goals and aspirations, and also help you resolve your life competitions and problems.Moreover we educate to our customer’s , how to re-programmed the space for their Home and Business , for their time to time requirement’s as per Birth Chart (Kundli ) and Home Grided Map & Home Kundli Chart.

Meet the team

Rajnish Verma

Founder – Vastu Verma | Vastu Consultant

Mrs. Rajnish Verma , worked as Teacher ,Lecturer and a Software Consultant , studied MA., B.Ed. , PGDCA, MCA, MSC(IT). Expert in Palmistry as well as in Technical Vastu through by , she is able to detect problems by analysis at micro level of Vastu which is may be disturb by In-balance of 5 Elements , or by objects.”

Anil Verma

Co-Founder – Vastu Verma | Vastu and Astrology Consultant

Anil Verma, has an experience of Software Developer , Data Flow Desiner and Project Consultant of 14 years . From 2011 working as a Astrologer and Vastu Consulant having experience in Astrology – Prashari , Horarry Kundli (Nakshtra / KP System) and in Technical Vastu in which, we divide zones/directions of building into 32 Zones with the accuracy of 3-4 Deg and resuolve issues related to financial , legal or medical by maching Horoscope and Building Maps of individuals.