Vastu Check Report

Vastu reading is a valuable tool if you are looking for greater abundance, more harmony, more creativity, empowerment, and better social life.  What if you could find a perfect Vastu house plans that bring you good luck at your doorstep, opportunities banging your door for years and years.  Person have to understand that which room should be constructed in which particular direction 

Given below is a simple Vastu Test to evaluate the score of your house based on the principles of Vastu Shastra. This vastu house evaluation is done by checking various aspects and the position and direction of different rooms in your house and the direction of property. Aspects which comply with Vastu Shastra are provided the highest marks and finally the overall marks scored by your house as per vastu shastra is calculated.. 

We  study your building plan to understand the causes for your problems. When symptoms match 100% with Vastu reasons for a problem, there is no need for a site visit. The best and most effective remedies and solutions will be suggested as per the Survey and Evaluation Report.

We need the following details  for analyses of issues

  • Scaled Map of your Home.
  • Detailed Photos & Videos of Complete home.
  • Problems you are currently facing
  • Your date of Birth , Time & Place of Birth for Detailed Astrological Evaluations.
  • Exact Degree of property from I-phone Compass , Google compass or Share your location of your property by WhatsApp..

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