The times we live in are seeing an increase in anxiety. Vastu Verma can be quite helpful here as well. 
Sleeping in the ESE VastuZone of Churning is the primary cause of anxiety. Meditating or performing Pooja in this zone is the second most frequent reason. 
Either of these two factors could be the source of your anxiety and restlessness. For these reasons, people often become extremely agitated and develop hypertension; they are not comfortable with themselves. They frequently experience losses as a result of their inability to make sensible investing selections. They eventually suffer from conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. 
If a pregnant woman sleeps in this area, her unborn child will be hyperactive and will constantly be destructive, even hurting themselves. 
Never, if at all possible, make beds in this Zone. Paint your bedroom pastel green (extremely light tone) or light cream (yellow side) and hang a Khamdehnu cow picture or place a statue of the Khamdehnu cow in brass metal . if you currently have it in this place and there is no way to move it to another favorable Vastu Zone. In two weeks, you’ll be at ease and notice a daily decrease in your anxiety. 
Here’s how Vastu Verma can help you naturally overcome anxiety and be calm, relaxed, and free from the harsh side effects and addictive qualities of medications. 
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