In Vastu Shastra, Importance of Colors for Better Relationships, Intelligence, & Healing

Vastu Shastra: The Importance of Colors for Better Relationships, Intelligence, and Healing

In Vaastu Shastra, colour has a tremendous amount of power. Everybody experiences low moods occasionally. Our favourite activities irritate us, and our favourite meal doesn’t taste as nice as it once did.

We might attribute it to stress, a terrible day, or other external factors, but that isn’t always true.

The hues in our environment have the power to make or break our days, as we learned while researching the significance of colours in Vaastu Shastra. Our mental state can change due to them, going from fear to confidence and delusion to awakeness. Each hue we select has a distinctive quality that has an immediate impact on a variety of facets of our lives.



Intellectual colours foster quick wit, individuality, and uniqueness with a warm, gentle outlook and caring viewpoint. To achieve the intended cerebral impact at home, use shades of blue, red, and grey. They improve creativity and knowledge practice when placed in the West-South-West Zone at home (Education and Savings). Additionally, these colours naturally inspire deference. These colour schemes can enhance the originality of libraries and art galleries and draw in the correct intellectual crowd.


The nature of healing colours is revitalizing and refreshing. Green and warm earth shades are used in this colour scheme. To increase immunity and the healing effects of medications, use these colours in the NNE Zone in your home.


Red is regarded as the most romantic colour since it symbolizes lust and passion. When used sparingly in a couple’s North-Northwest (NNW) space, it sparks a flame in their connection. The bedroom, which is less intense and has a softer shade of red, is more romantic. When applied to bedrooms in your home’s South-Southeast (SSE) Zone. Some softer orange and pink hues, denoting innocence and purity, are also romantic.

Nurturing Colours

Green and yellow hues promote tranquillity and wellbeing. When the colours green and yellow are utilized in the East and South-West (SW), it encourages lively and honest dialogue among family and friends. Additionally, they foster overall well-being and work to banish loneliness and sadness.


Colours like green, blue, and bluish-green may activate the brain and provide people access to energy that encourages optimism and original thought. Such colors revitalize the mind and the spirit when applied in the ENE Vaastu Zone. Schools and companies may use these hues to inspire creativity and happiness.

In our lives, colours are very important. A pleasant, joyful, and delightful spirit may be created by arranging the perfect colours in the optimal way, which cheers up life. Using colour to create the desired consequences or outcomes is not difficult. However, it may get tricky when taking into account the interactions, reactivity, and energies of various colours. Applying the proper colours to your house may help you create prosperity, foster calm, and sustain wellbeing. An experienced Vastu specialist can help you. For more information and castration contact Vastu Verma.

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