According to Vastu Shastra and Astrology , Surya Dev / Sun represents the Governing Power or Ruling Power .The sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people .

If the person want to use the strength and support of powerful and influential people or  to establish a successful business connections then a Copper or Brass Sun remedy is especially effective .

The sun also helps you use your wisdom and skill to build relations that spreads your Glory , Name and Reputation all around the world The sun is the most powerful remedy in Vastu if it is hung 7 feet above the ground from the floor in the East zone .

CAUTION :Please note that Vastu Balancing of the eastern zone is very important before you hang a sun , Do not use a sun which has expression of pain , stress and anger . The sun must look solemn ,earnest, gentle ,benevolent or peacefully smiling .

How to balance East zone , consult  Vastu Verma.Ph. 9041911005

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