How to use the power of Numerology to transform your dreams into Reality


The art of numerology is based on the personality of numbers, their inner nature and vibration, and how they can be used to better understand yourself and the world around you. You probably never thought of numbers as having a personality, but if you consider them a little, you’ll realize that most of us have preferences for some numbers over others. You make these choices because you feel some kind of intuitive attraction to the nature or personality of a particular number or numbers.

Numerology  was developed independently by several cultures including the ancient Greeks and Chinese. Created over 4,000 years ago, numerology regards the Universe as an infinite array of energy patterns that can in turn be described with the abstract symbolism of numbers. Numerology can be a system of divination that engages both our rational and spiritual mind.

A key concept within the tradition of numerology is the idea that there is information and meaning hidden in your date of birth and the name you were born with. Although numerology is the study of numbers, each number carries with it a significant meaning and correlates with other meanings from the elements, colors, and gems. As you work through your charts, you will be using all the different meanings that correlate with the numbers.


  • Your strengths and weaknesses Your hidden talents and needs
  • Future trends and possibilities
  • Your purpose in Iife

It is said that self-knowledge is the key to success and happiness. Knowing what your inner skills are, as well as what lies ahead., allows you to plantar the future. And to paraphrase an old saying, an ounce of preparation is otter worth a pound of sheer luck.

As you may imagine, the same principles that provide you with the knowledge of who you are and where youre going can also provide you with greater insight into others and the world around you.


According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Eastern system ofC numerology was invented 4,000 years ago when a wise man named of Hsia discovered a tortoise shell v fth mystical markings and numbers or it. Known in the East as a “Yantra”, the Omega Matrix you will soon [earn how to create Uses the knowledge gained from) the tortoise shell discovered by Wu those many years ago

The Omega Matrix is based on your date of birth and as such is tuned to your own persona[ vibrations. Many people carry their Omega Matrix with them at all times, and in the East it is common to place your yantra in a small pouch that is worn around your neck.

Before discuss how -to create the Omega Matrix, however, it is helpful to know a little bit about the ancient system of numerology.

While it is generally accepted that the ancient cultures of China, India and Egypt were with numerology long before the Greeks began using it, most hooks still credit the ancient Creek. philosopher Pythagoras as being the “Father of Numerology.” Pythagoras believed that the entire universe is composed of mathematical patterns, and that al[ things can be expressed in numbers that correspond to universal vibrations.

The teachings of’ Pythagoras were adopted and developed by Plato and later studied by early Christian scholars, such as 5t. Augustine. This in turn led to the widespread use of numerology during the Renaissance by people such as Gallileo, who observed that ”Nature is written in the language of mathematics.” Numerology continues to 1-,e studied and practice today, and marry would argue that we are just beginning to learn what this ancient system has to offer us.

There are nine primary numbers in numerology: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, and 9. Every number – regardless of how big it is — can be simplified to one of these primary numbers. For example, take a number like 18,746 which, when each of the individual numbers are added together, totals 26. In Numerology, you then add the 2 and the 6, which gives you a total (or primary) number of 8. There are two exceptions to this rule, and they are -Elie numbers 11 and 22. These two numbers are not reduced to a single digit, and you’ll see why shortly.

Your complete numerological chart contains 22 separate numbers, each of which represents a different aspect of your life. Of these 22 numbers, the most important number is the Life Path. For complete details on the other numbers, please refer to my book, ‘Numerology, Your Destiny and, You.”

The path of love, health, happiness and material freedom is a pa-Eh of intelligence. Knowing what your important numbers are and understanding how to use them is a vital key to your success and happiness.


The Omega Matrix is often referred to as a Magic Square, and is similar in some respects. If you are not familiar with the Magic Square, it is basically a square grid of numbers in which all of the numbers in a given row or column add up to the same total regardless of which direction the individual numbers are added in. For example, all horizontal rows, vertical columns and diagonal rows will add up to the same number. In addition, -die four corner quadrants will add up to the same number, as will the center quadrant and the tour corner cells.

But how do you create your own personal Omega Matrix? It’s really quite easy – just follow the simple steps below.


1) Write down your date of birth in the appropriate spaces in the box in the center of the blank Omega Matrix found at the back this book. As an example, let’s assume you were born on August 25,1962, which can also be expressed as S/23/1962. You would add the individual numbers in the fol [owing manner:

+ + + 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 =

2) Since in numerology, all numbers (except 11 and 22) are reduced to a single digit, you continue to add:3

3 +1 = 4

3) Enter the number of the month (in this case, “8) in Cell A the Omega Matrix.

4) Enter the number of the day (in this case, “23”) in Cell B of the Omega

5) Enter the last two digits of the year (in this case, “62”) in Cell C of the Omega Matrix.

6) Enter tilt Life Path number (the single-digit total of all the numbers in the birth date), as created in Step 2. In -this example, the number is 4.

REMEMBER: If the sum totals up to 11 or 22, leave it as is! You’ll see why in a moment,

7) Using the formulas found in the rest of the cell’s of the Omega Matrix Formula Cue Sheet found at the back of this book, enter the rest of the numbers for each cell in the blank Omega Matrix.


Starting on the second row…

“C – 2” becomes 62 – 2, giving you 60. “D+2” becomes 4 + 2, giving you 6.

“A – 2” becomes S – 2, giving you 6.

“B + 2” becomes 23 + 2, giving you 25.

Continuing or the third row…

“D 1” becomes 4 +1, giving you 5.

“C + 1” becomes 62 + you 63.

“B – 1” becomes 23 – 1 giving you 22.

“A – 1” becomes 3 -1, giving you 7.

Finishing up on the fourth

“B + I” becomes 23 + I, giving you 24. “A – 3” becomes 3 – giving you 5. “D + becomes 4+ 5, giving you 7.

“C -1” becomes 62 -1, giving you 61.

Here’s what our example looks like:

lf you add up the numbers in each of the horizontal rows, you’ll see that they all add up to 97, as do each of the vertical columns. Other combinations that add up o 97 include the our-cell corner quadrants, the four-cell center quadrant, the four corner cells, and the two diagonal series of cells.

Ancient philosophers regarded -this unique arrangement of numbers to be much more than lust a mathematical curiosity, and considered the magic square to be a representation of perfection -the universe.


hi the classic 1995 book, “Talisman Magic”, numerologist Richard Webster explains how the numbers in each of the 16 cells relate o -the person’s numerological chart, and I certainly recommend that you seek out and learn Richard’s approach. This is a wonderful way o prepare a numerological chart, and it will 1-e just as accurate as a reading based on Tarot cards,, palmistry or any of the usual oracles.

For our purposes, however, we’ll concentrate on just one of the cells – the D Cell (the one in the upper right-hand corner). As any numerologist will tell you, the single-digit number created by adding up all the numbers in a persons date of birth is called the Life Path Number. It is also sometimes known as the Destiny Number, which is easy to remember, since it’s in the ‘D Cell CD’ stands for ‘Destiny’, right?).

In numerology, the Destiny Number represents a persons mission in life and the lessons they are here on Earth to learn. You can also think of it as the potential destiny that a person may),’ achieve if they decide to pursue

Here are the basic lessons of the numbers 1 – 9, as they relate to the Life Path/Destiny Number:

ONE: To develop leadership qualities and become independent, confident, and self-sufficient, Ones are naturally curious and embody the pioneering spirit.

TWO: To develop diplomatic qualities, tact, as well as how to cooperate and bring others ogether. Often; seen as peacemakers, Twos work well En partnerships of any kind.

THREE: To develop creative abilities and to learn how to express oneself creatively. Threes take a natural delight in the world them, and tend o be flexible and easy-going.

FOUR.: To become organized, stable and hard-working. The Four fulfills their promise recognizes the value (pi- moving slowly and steadily towards a defined goal.

FIVE: To learn how to cope with constant change, variety, adventure and risk. This is an especially challenging Life Path, and the Five will often appear to [cad an unusually hectic life.

SIX: To develop domestic responsibility and the love hearth & home. Evolved Sixes tend to be very giving of their time and energy, often at the expense of their own personal needs and ambitions.

SEVEN: To learn. the value of spiritual wisdom, philosophical introspection and careful analysis. Similar o the One in that they both can lead a solitary lifestyle, the Seven often prefers to conduct their search for meaning in quiet seclusion.

EIGHT: To learn how o manage prosperity and the true value of material I success. Many Eights have an endless supply of- ideas on how to prosper, and have an intuitive way of identifying the resources they need.

NINE: To develop a humanitarian and charitable view of the world, and to put that philosophy into action. Like the Six, the Nine finds fulfillment through helping others, although the Nine tends to think in global terms.

Remember how I told you to leave the number alone if it was 11 or 22? The reason is because in the tradition of numerology, these two numbers are considered to be powerful ‘Master Numbers” and have meanings that are related to, Hut more dynamic than the lesser numbers of 2 and 4. So, here are the meanings for the Maser Numbers:

ELEVEN is the number of The Master Planner or Visionary. This is the person who has great visions of how things should be, and the lesson the Eleven Person must [earn is o recognize the difference between what’s practical and what’s a pipe dream.

TWENTY-TWO is the number of The Master. Builder. This person has devolved from the Master Planner phase, and is able to recognize a practical idea when they see it. As such, the Twenty-two is to accomplish great things on a far-reaching level Because of the elevated vibration of the Twenty-two Person, there is the potential of excess energy that must be channeled in a constructive

The Hest way o memorize the meanings of the numbers is work with them for a while. To make this process easier, I would recommend that you use the meanings listed here. Eventually, you won’t need o refer o this, but until then you can create the Omega Matrix without the stress of trying o remember all the meanings.


chile there are many techniques used to achieve success in this world, they all share one basic formula. Here it is:


This formula seems too simple o he the guiding principle used by all of the happy and successful people in the world, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look to understand why this works.

More clearly stated, the formula be expressed as “your intentions or goals – good or bad – combined with the actions you -take, produce the results you experience Pemove either of the first two words — INTENTION or ACTION — and you will wind up with some very unpredictable outcomes.

Without an INTENTION or a goal in no amount of action on your part will produce a desired goal, whether it is a larger income or a more fulfilling relationship. You will certainly achieve some kind of result, since you are continually taking some action on a doll}` basis but without a goal it is next o impossible to predict what that result will be. Remember always that if you don’t have a plan for how you will spend your life, someone else surely will, whether it is an employer, spouse or family member.

Even with the best intention it is clear to see why the lack of ACTION will prevent you from achieving the result you seek. Results don’t just happen by themselves – you must expend both time and energy at some point if you expect to reach your goals. If you don’t believe this, try standing outside and waiting for your next rent check to fall out of the sky.

So what does all of this have o do with the Omega Matrix?

Simply this – the Omega Matrix is a way for you to put the formula into motion. By creating a Omega Matrix, you are taking your first forward step of starting your intention. Your intention may be to increase your income, improve your health or energize yourRegardless of what your intention, may be, it is helpful o write it down before you begin, to create the Omega Matrix.

Below your writ-Len intention, write the following;

“I am open and ready to consider suggestions and ideas that already exist somewhere in the Universe that will help me o achieve my goal.”

Naturally, you can use your own wording as well as change this o fit your own, personal belief system, using any spiritual or philosophical concepts that you are comfortable with. The important part is that you consciously express your willingness o consider ideas that are already En existence somewhere in the abundant Universe we live in.

Having created the Omega Matrix, your next step is o concentrate on its unique numerological vibrations. This can be as simple as sitting quietly for a few, minutes and gazing at the numbers on the Omega Matrix while you repeat your intention silently to yourself. This act of concentration will infuse the Omega Matrix with your personal energies, making it even more effective.

The next step is to keep the Omega Matrix with you at all -Ernes. As mentioned earlier, some people carry their Omega Matrix in a small Hag that is worn around the neck, but you could just as easily carry yours in your pocket, Bag or wallet. It is better to carry It somewhere that you will run across it during the course of your daily activities, because this will help to remind you of your goal, which will in turn help to bring about your desired outcome Caster.

Within 24 to 49 hours of working with your Omega Matrix you will begin o receive thoughts and ideas that will help you oward your goal. These will come both prom your own mind and the minds of those around you. Some people will have a dream that provides a hint or a clue to how they can achieve their desire. You may see a headline in a paper or hear some-Eking on the radio that seemingly has nothing to do with your own personal goal., but it will log your thought process and act as a suggestion that will prove helpful o you.

You will He amazed the first couple of times this happens to you, but soon you will get used to it and actually look ‘Forward to the many interesting ways ideas are presented o you.


Whatever you do, do NOT ignore these thoughts and ideas, no matter how weird or eccentric they may seem. To do so would Be to short-circuit the entire -creative process you have put ino motion. By ignoring the first few suggestions presented, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will receive no more ideas prom the Universe, and once the ideas stop coming to you, your progress toward your goal will stop.

This is not o say that you must act on every thought, for some may Be entirely impractical, but it is essential that you work through each idea. It is said that Benjamin Franklin liked to fake a sheet of paper and list the good points of an idea on one side of the paper, and the had points on the other. By doing this, you will He able to get a clear picture of whether the idea will kelp you or not. Keep a list of all the ideas that come to you over time, and put them in order of practicality and importance.


Having identified your goal, you must take some action every day that brings you closer o your goal. Since there are so many ,different goals that you may have, it is impossible for me o suggest here what that action may be, but be sure to do something, even it seems like an insignificant step.

As the ancient philosopher once said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ There will most likely be many seemingly insignificant steps on your journey, but each one brings you inevitably closer to your goal.

I wish you the best possible thins on your journey!



Your Intention / Wish : _____________________________


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