Your moods are a mirror image of the colours in your world

Each colour creates an atmosphere that directly influences the mood of an individual. In fact, colours themselves have moods that change in accordance with the direction these colours are placed in. For instance, green in East along with yellow in West dispel loneliness, and the same colours become a healer in North of North-West.

Some of the unique characteristics of colours along with their designated directions for better effects are discussed here.

Colours full of life force
Green, blue and bluish-green have powers to stimulate the brain and provide access to energy that inspires positive thinking and creativity through fun. When used in East of North-East direction, such colours help in refreshing your mind and soul. These colours are recommended for schools and businesses.

Nurturing colours
Shades of green and yellow create a sense of being at peace and wellbeing. When green colour is used in East coupled with Yellow in South-West, they foster interesting and open conversations between family and friends, and can dispel loneliness and depression.

Intellectual colours
These are colours with a sense of sharpness, wittiness and uniqueness – the qualities of an intellectual. Use of these colours can help one to command respect without being overbearing. They are recommended for creative studies, art gallery, or even in libraries. The colours in this category include grey, which is warm and gentle. When applied in West of South-West, it promotes creativity and practise of knowledge. Some tones of blue suggest communication and trust, so they will naturally be found in the intellectual colours palette. Particularly in West directions, they lead to creative performance in career. A few lighter shades of red also appear in this intellectual category, as they facilitate best performance from a relaxed mind.

Healing colours
The healing colours are refreshing and rejuvenating. These colours are the shades of elements that are in touch with nature. The first group of colours considered in this palette is green, followed by all shades of warm earth colours. When applied in North of North-East, green facilitates better healing and immunity.

Romantic colours
Many species including human beings attempt to attract the opposite sex with colours. Red is the colour of sex and lust and is often regarded as the most romantic of colours. When applied in small proportion in North of North-West, in the bedroom shared by a couple, it ignites a spark in their relationship. For the home, however, a less intense and softer tone of red is far more conducive to romance. It is recommended to be used in the bedroom located in South of South-East direction of the house.
Pink, purple and less intense shades of orange also fall in the category of romantic colours. These colours suggest purity and innocence.

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