Lion for confidence in North North East Vastu Zone

Are you feeling low on confidence levels and do you have a nagging feeling that you are losing your influence and authority in the outside world? Are you feeling that you simply do not have the energy to face the world? influence on society. When interacting with government officials, if you feel unnecessarily intimidated, and you need to appear powerful, then the brass lion can prove to be your best friend.

The lion also ensures a steady flow of wealth generated through the influence of your company, business and your personality.

The strength of the brass lion’s energy was discovered hundreds of years ago and it became a part of many palaces and forts to ensure that the king retained his influence and confidence. One of the oldest-known brass lions used for this purpose is at Amer Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The lions are in exact Vastu zone of the fort and this is the location from where the kind used to supervise the preparations of his soldiers.

While those ancient wars are long over, we have new forms of battles to fight on a daily basis, and losing confidence and strength would mean losing those battles as well. So, getting a confidence booster in the form of a nice-looking artefact – in particular, a lion made of brass – is not a bad idea at all.

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