Right location of ‘Dustbin’ can bring in treasures

Yes, there is no clear mention of a bin in Vastu Shastra, but after the detailed checking aVastu analysis, it is found that energies emanated through the bin make it a powerful object that should be placed in an appropriate direction to ensure positivity. The bin is used to throw away unnecessary and useless things; in other words, it is a means to dump the waste. And the activity of dumping or throwing away, as per Vastu, should be carried out only in specific zones. If kept in a wrong direction or in the wrong zone, the bin can create possibilities of positive energy being dumped along with the waste.

Vastu Position for Dustbin
For example, if a bin is in kept in the zone of education, children at home will start losing their interest in studies. Likewise, if a bin is in the zone of relationships, it will not only hamper personal relations but have negative effects on professional ties too. Business professionals might start losing clients and their payments can get stuck. Those employed in companies can have misunderstandings with bosses and colleagues, creating stumbling blocks in their progress.

On the other hand, if the bin is in one of its ideal zones, which are East-South-East, South-South-West and West-North-West, then the positive flow of energy will not be hampered and one will have clarity of thought, get new ideas to grow, and have strong personal and professional bonds.

As per Vastu bin in all 16 Vastu zones results as discussed below:

North-East: The bin in this zone makes ‘thinking’ difficult. Residents feel confused, are not able to focus on goals, and cannot make right and timely decisions. This has a direct negative impact on their professional lives, keeping them cash-starved.

East-North-East: The bin in this zone makes residents lethargic and they start procrastinating over things. They lack energy to rejuvenate themselves and live depressed, mostly lost in past memories.

East: The bin in this direction can make people introverted; they do not realise the significance of moving out and meeting people. Such people often get into trouble with their neighbours and clients. Businessmen can suffer major losses and lose important connections.

South-East: The bin kept in this zone becomes the root cause for blocked payments in business. Residents feel cash-starved all the time. Whenever something good is about to happen, there appears to be some hurdle that blocks prospects.

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