Heal Depression with the help of Vastu

Depression can be described as a mental condition in which our mind visualizes everything from negative perspective. If we talk about depression in Vastu language, then it is the disturbance in the flow of natural energies from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha. This is the reason why mind doesn’t feel energetic and consciousness gets stuck into a mode where a depressed person does not like anything and loses his ability to enjoy the life. According to Vastu experts this psychological problem is related only with the places where you live such as home. In a depressed state of mind, a person loses his inherent ability to enjoy various daily activities such as work, sex, relationships, and sports etc. Although Vastu cannot substitute the therapeutic methods recommended by medical science but it can, definitely known to be of great help in restoring the balanced and natural state of mind. While finding solutions for depression, the most important thing to do is to analyze what causes you depression or what are basic factors that lead your mind to go into a negative mode. The first and foremost reason, as observed in case studies for healing depression, is having your bedroom in the Vastu Zone of Depression. The second reason for a depressed mind is having your temple in the zone of Expenditure and Wastage. The 3rd reason, for temporary depression, is having storage in NE Zone of your home. And 4th reason for depression is having a toilet in NE Zone. Vastu defines several tips and techniques to heal depression in a natural way.In short, Vastu enables you to live a healthy and happily life free from any signs of depression.
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