Depression is the state of being stuck in the past or in a bad frame of mind. There is a disruption in the natural energy flow from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha to Manomaya Kosha. Because of this, the mind becomes lethargic, and consciousness becomes trapped in a depressive state where the person loses all sense of enjoyment and dislikes everything. 
This psychological issue is exclusive to the area in which you reside or your house. A person who is experiencing acute symptoms of depression loses interest in life, sex, daily activities, and work. While vastu cannot take the place of the therapeutic techniques advised by science, it can undoubtedly be beneficial in returning the mind to its normal, balanced state. 
When addressing issues like anxiety, depression, or aberrant behavior, it’s important to identify the fundamental causes that shift consciousness into a negative state. Having your bedroom in the Vastu Zone of Depression is the primary factor, as evidenced by several Vastucase studies, for treating depression.
Having your temple or prayer room in the Vastu Zone of Expenditure and Waste is the second reason.
Having storage in the North-East Vastu Zone of your house is the third cause of momentary depression. Having a toilet in the Northeast VastuZone is the fourth reason for depression. 
You can precisely match the symptoms to Vastu’s procedures. If any of the symptoms in a building match, you can treat depression by addressing the symptoms using Vastu techniques. 
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