By balancing  Vastu Zones, you can increase the visibility of your work and gain recognition. We encountered persons who readily took credit for achievements without even making a commensurate effort in their job or business and efforts in several Vastu case studies. This occurs when they either sleep in the Social-Association Zone or the Vastu Zones of Fame, or when these two zones are balanced in their home because of either Vastu Programming (which happens by accident or as per their birth charts stars ), the presence of the perfect activity, certain colors, or both. 
Despite your best efforts, physical and mental presence, and financial resources, you will not be acknowledged or appreciated by society if the Vastu Zone of Fame and Social Association at your house and place of employment are weak or unbalanced. Thus, you should only balance two Zones at home. if you discover that, despite your best efforts, you are not receiving enough attention and praise. Within four to six weeks of applying Vastuat to your house and place of employment, you notice that people value you and that your notoriety and recognition are increasing daily. 
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