Do you really ignore West or South directions for your entrance?

According to a study by MoraPro Insuar in 2021, many people give up West and South-facing plots because they are deemed as inauspicious. Interestingly, the surprising fact is that most business leaders, political leaders, and movie stars reside in West or South-facing properties. This challenges the belief that the main entrance of the West or South Zone is inauspicious.

You don’t need to rely on evidence from case studies to this guarantee precise information about design factors that influence a building’s fate. More than that, these directions can be drawn on the incontrovertible strength of science and technology. To have a home that is an asset and not a liability, its location, ground-breaking design, and ease of maintenance are paramount. Today, we live in a complex, post-modern, globalized, environment where modern, materialistic, knowledge, skill, expertise, fame, and personal value are the new standard of success.

Attributes such as knowledge and expertise are similar to the West direction. People and things associated with these attributes should be conducted in Western-face buildings along with buildings themed around the South direction.

Famous restaurants and restaurants are almost always facing to the west. Almost all technological companies and skill-imparting institutions are facing the west. Should one know the best available zone (out of a total of 16 available zones) overall? The answer: yes. And one should also choose whether or not to get training based on how that zone facilitates one’s needs.

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