Luxurious Bathroom Toilet is good

The humble and utilitarian bathroom has undergone a makeover, and how! For contemporary well-heeled homeowners, a luxuriously appointed bathroom is as important as, say, the living room or the house furniture. And it not only about the basic requirements – bathroom decor nowadays includes exotic artifacts, artwork and assorted greenery, in addition to entertainment in the form of music and television sets. Some shower units have temperature settings and offer massages. So, are all the owners of luxury bathrooms and toilets being able to enjoy the comfort and good vibes promised therein? Well, if the ancient Indian doctrine of Vastu Shastra is to be believed, no matter how lavish the toilet is, if it is not built in its designated space as per the universe’s energy principle, it can give out negative energies that affect the prosperity of the building and the health of its residents. Additionally, the negativity can affect the flow of wealth and the education of children, and may also become a cause of instability in relationships within the family. According to Vastu Shastra, the East zone of the house is the worst place for locating a toilet. The energy that emanates from the East zone determines the fate of beneficial connections, association with pleasant and gainful personalities, as well as success and failure of meetings. Thus, if a toilet is built in this zone, the positivity here gets drained out through it. The main function of the toilet, regardless of its design and looks, is to dispose of the waste. When in the East, a toilet performs the same function – thus, it also pulls away all the positivity of the East and flushes it off like waste. In particular, influential politicians, religious propagandists and businessmen, whose respective professions are primarily based on networking and connections, can suffer much loss is they have a toilet in the East zone. East is also considered to be the zone of creativity, and when you are in a house with the toilet in this zone, you may feel that you are lacking in ideas. Painters, designers, musicians and others associated with creative fields can see a major setback. Based on the principle of harnessing the positive energies that move across the house, the right place to have a toilet is South-South-West, which is marked as an area for waste disposal. When constructed in this zone, the toilet disposes of the waste as well as the negative energies that originate from the waste. A toilet in this zone keeps a tab on wasteful expenditure in the house, helping you make significant savings. Another thing to be noted is that the South-South-West zone should not be utilized for any positive activity like a religious ceremony, celebrations, or some other event that is supposed to bring good luck for the family. All good deeds done in this zone are bound to get wasted, leaving no positive vibrations in the house. Moreover , Toilet not to be made in North-North-East, North-East , South-East, South-West, West  Vastu Zones for better helath, Better Cash Flow, Good Family Bonding with family members and all sort of Gains in life . To Know more about Toilet Directions or Remedies for existing toilets, call at +91 90419 11005 or
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