Luxurious Bathroom Toilet is good, but take care with the direction for Health and Finances

The humble and utilitarian bathroom has undergone a makeover, and how! For contemporary well-heeled homeowners, a luxuriously appointed bathroom is as important as, say, the living room or the house furniture. And it not only about the basic requirements – bathroom decor nowadays includes exotic artifacts, artwork and assorted greenery, in addition to entertainment in [READ MORE]

Careful Construction of Kitchen and Toilet bring Positive Effects

There is a small misconception in the minds of people for an adjoining kitchen and toilet. They think that an adjoining of a kitchen and toilet should not be done while they are in the same building. In Practice , none of the adjoining kitchen-toilet designs followed in hundreds of buildings have created any negative [READ MORE]

Have you placed your Toilet in the North direction of you home ?

Without having proper knowledge of Vastu, one cannot decide the correct direction for his various activities in a particular Space. Many Vastu consultants who do not understand Vastu correctly argue that a toilet represents a Water element and hence should be placed in the North direction. Even worse, many of the so-called Vastuadvisors say that [READ MORE]

Do you really feel your adjoining kitchen and toilet is the reason for your problems?

It is a common misconception that a kitchen and a toilet should not be adjoining each other in a building. Surprisingly, the ideal location for a toilet and kitchen is the one adjacent to each other, says the Vastu theory of five elements and the Vastu  Chakra. As per our own experience and observation – [READ MORE]

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