Do you really feel your adjoining kitchen and toilet is the reason for your problems?

It is a common misconception that a kitchen and a toilet should not be adjoining each other in a building. Surprisingly, the ideal location for a toilet and kitchen is the one adjacent to each other, says the Vastu theory of five elements and the Vastu  Chakra. As per our own experience and observation – none of the adjoining-kitchen-toilet designs followed in buildings, create any negative effect on anybody.

In fact, the kitchen and the toilet should be built after considering the elements associated with the 16 Vastu zones. According to Vastu, the best zone for the kitchen is South-East (SE), with other permissible vastu zones being North-West (NW), West (W), South (S) and South-South-East (SSE).

On the other hand, Vastu Zones prescribed for locating a toilet are South-South-West (SSW), West-North-West (WNW), and East-South-East (ESE). Clearly, the ideal location of a kitchen lies adjacent to the ideal locations of a toilet. It should also be remembered that the kitchen is represented by the Fire element and the toilet by Earth. Since Fire element complements Earth, there is no mistake or Vastu dosh in keeping the kitchen and the toilet are adjacent to each other.

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