Do you really feel that an Anti-Clockwise staircase placed in your home is creating obstacles in your success ?

Many people consider anti-clockwise stairs as extremely negative. Our seniors  collected a lot of data to clarify whether the stairs should be clockwise or anti-clockwise. Interestingly, in the original texts of Vastu Shastra there are no guidelines on staircases. From our seniors observations,  derived the formula which measures the effects of clockwise and anti-clockwise staircases.

As per his observations, a clockwise staircase creates a downward vortex of energy in a Vastu Zone, while an anti-clockwise staircase creates an upward energy vortex. These downward and upward energy vortexes change the natural effect of a Vastu Zone. The analogy of his concept is this: as you tighten a screw, you rotate the screw driver clockwise and the screw goes downwards.

If you rotate the screwdriver in the anti-clockwise direction, then the screw rises. So, a clockwise staircase in the NE Zone will suppress new ideas, creativity and intuitions. On the other hand, an anti-clockwise staircase located in NE, will create more new ideas and creative intuitions. Similarly, clockwise staircases in positive zones will suppress their natural positive energy, and anti-clockwise staircases in positive zones will amplify the positive energy of that zone.

So, one must remember that staircase can be clockwise as well as anti-clockwise depending upon the Vastu Zone it falls into. If the stairs are in a Zone whose attributes we wish to enhance — for example, the Zone of Money — they should be anticlockwise, and if they are in a Zone whose effects need to be moderated, like the Zone of Disposal or Aggression, then, these must be clockwise. Generally speaking, a staircase should descend from West to East and from South to North.

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