Have you allocated a room in North-West direction to your Marriageable Child just because you consider this direction is responsible for fast movements?

The North-West Zone is the Zone of support and banking. However, it is foolish to think that goods placed here will see faster commercial movement, or that young unmarried girl sleeping in this Zone will get marriage proposals instantly.

Our Vastu experts visited the homes of people who claimed that the NW Zone proved lucky for them. What they observed was that the girl sleeping in the NW zone hoping to find a suitable match were actually sleeping in the Zone of sex and attraction, that is, the North-North-West (NNW). Due to the effects of this Zone, the girls though did materialise their dreams marriage, but soon after, started facing problems due to lack of understanding and care from their spouses.

As per Vastu, a girl ready for marriage should sleep in the South (S), South-South-East (SSE), South-West (SW) or in the West-South-West (WSW) Zone. Sleeping in the South (S) direction will keep her cool, calm and relaxed. Sleeping in the South-South- East (SSE), will make her more self-confident and healthy. A girl’s bedroom in the South-West (SW) Zone will make her more skilled in her work, and in managing relationships with her spouse. If she sleeps in West-South-West (WSW), then she will gain more knowledge and excel in education. The qualities of these Zones will help her to find a suitable match, and they will be healthy and skilled, and enjoy marital bliss in their married lives. After marriage, newly married couples can sleep in the North-North-West (NNW) Zone. However, girls of marriageable age should avoid sleeping in North-West (NW) Zone, because their reproductive capacity could be harmed.

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