Green paves way for monetary gains, Growth in Work

Green paves way for monetary gains, Growth in Work

Do you feel that your hard work has gone unnoticed and your efforts bore no fruit because nobody recognized them in the first place ? Each one of you must have gone through this phase at some point. Some times you might have compromised with the situation by calling it our ‘destiny’ – you do the hard work, but somebody else takes its credit – while some of you could be fighting your way out to get recognized, grow and prosper, and get the dues that you deserve.

All you need to check your north and  put up on the North wall of your house a painting of a jungle, a lush-green landscape, or a field with healthy ‘green’ crops swaying in the breeze.

The green painting ensures multiple benefits. As greenery is synonymous with prosperity, the green painting on the North wall emanates energy that heightens the possibilities of business success,opportunities, appreciation and fame, which further makes certain that you reap profits in terms of money. Also, if you have been struggling to scale up or grow your business, the green painting makes certain that you see success.

If you are not into business and are employed, the green painting creates opportunities either for a better-paying job or for positive appraisal and salary hike in the existing job. This happens because your good work comes into the limelight – it is recognized and appreciated by the higher authorities. Also, if you have been employed or stuck in the wrong job, this Vastu remedy will open various doors of opportunities. You will not only get the desired job bit will also get a much better package.

Note: All  Vastu remedies have positive results when applied after proper analysis and understanding of elemental imbalance in the space as per the four-step  Vastu method.

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