In Vastu Myth or Fact : Sleeping in Front of a Mirror – Better Sleep

Many people consult  Vastu experts saying that they are confused about the location of their dressing table. They fear that having the reflection of their bed in the mirror may cause misery in relationships and sleep disorders. The reflection of the bed in dressing table mirror does not create any negative effect by itself. It is the location of the mirror in an incompatible Zone that causes problems. The mirror as an object represents the Water element and it also serves as a medium for extension of Space. If you place a mirror in the South-East direction then it is like mixing water with fire, as South-East is the Zone of Fire. As water destroys fire, so it will cause negative effects of an extended South-East Zone. It could cause accidents and injuries to the inhabitants. A dressing  table in the South-South-West (SSW) Zone gives an extension to the Zone of Disposal. So, it increases wastage and leads to loss of fertility for the people sleeping in those bedrooms.   The Zone responsible for causing problems in relationships is the South-West (SW) Zone of the home. If a mirror is placed in the South-West Zone, then due to its extension effects, problems arise. The couple expect too much from each other. So care has to be taken while placing the mirror in any direction.
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