Consultation for Residential Building - Vastu Verma

Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment.As per vastu shastra  pain areas of life is  a result of imbalances in respective directions, caused by the placement of objects or appliances or colors in inappropriate directions. If required, we  conduct a detailed survey of the building. This includes details about the interiors, objects etc of your home or office. Then we study details one by one to identify the problems.

The Analysis entails detailed evaluation of more than 100 points which affect every aspect of your life like growth, health, family bonding’s, money, career, business, gains, Child Birth, children’s education etc. We personally visits your Residence & observe and make a detailed practical study of the entire building , like check and record the influence roads, building height, back lane, slopes, lights, water boring.

Inside your building like location of kitchen , bedroom, store, invertor, pooja room, Dinning room, study place,  place of washing machine, paints / wallpapers on walls, paintings, foot mats, curtains etc many more factors located outside and inside your residence  boundaries.

We prepares and gives you the Vastu Report with suggestions of the most effective Vastu Solutions , moreover recommends the remedies to achieve the desired results for you like for professional growth furthermore increase in income with better returns from savings and investments, relationships, additionally education of children together with healthy life, selling or purchase of property, for overall well-being, growth and prosperity.

Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.

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