vASTU FOR residence

You will come to know the exact Vastu reasons for your problems related to Health , Children , Marriage, relationships, finance


Vastu for Commercial & Industries

To increase profitable production, sales with good profit margins,To enhance effective ethical labor.



Know in detail, which planets give you inner strengths to grow and succeed in life from your detailed Birth Cart Report



Personal Visit by an Vastu expert is essential for Practical observation and more detailed Vastu Analysis to decide appropriate and Vastu Solutions.

Vastu Evaluation of Residetial or Commercial Buildings

New Building Design

You can get a Vastu Perfect planning of your new building from Vastu Verma , who have qualified Architects also.

Evaluation Report

In most of cases , main causes for problems clearly reflect on the scaled-plan of building, then there is no need to visit your building to suggest Vastu solutions

Vastu Works Its Own, Not Depending on Religious Beliefs

The most widely held misconception about Vastu is that you should have complete faith in it to reap its amazing benefits. The fact, however, is that Vastu is a completely scientific discipline. Like other sciences, the outcomes of Vastu techniques are not affected by your lack/absence or faith in them.Vastu buildings are designed through the application of specific measurements and orientations, to be resonant with the cosmic energy matrix of the universe.

Vastu is a map on how to create a building that vibrates with Universal Energy. Vastu science is just that: a science. It is not a superstition. The basics are orientation, auspicious entry, room locations, Brahmastan (sacred center), sacred dimensions, and geometry. In general, Vastu architecture favors symmetry..The house needs to be in a particular alignment with north/south/east/west. 

The sole aim of Vastu is to help a building materially achieve the purpose for which it has been built. Clearly, Vastu is concerned with the flow of Earth energies, which does not necessarily require our faith. It works with the right placements of the appropriate things/locations.