Be careful: Your bedroom can kill your relationship.

It would be presumptuous to state that failed marriages are an inevitable fallout of our fast-paced lives. It is far too easy to lay the blame at someone else’s door. Changing priorities, diverging interests, conflicting ambitions, or simply a dying romance… the reasons for a marriage becoming dull and void can range from the most trivial to a deep flaw within the relationship itself. Moreover, with ‘divorce’ no longer an eyebrow-raising status for an individual, couples increasingly feel inclined to take this route out of what they come to consider to be a bad ‘deal’. The point is: how many of these seemingly hopeless marriages are really beyond the point of no return? A random Google search on the reasons why couples are separating so soon after marriage will throw up ‘incompatibility’ as the most common complaint. Each partner alleges that the other does not understand their feelings; that they do not feel compassionate towards each other anymore; that respect is an alien word; and that they can no longer tolerate each other’s company. And yes, they are not having enough sex. Inlove_bedinterestingly, most of these marriages were, technically speaking, ‘love marriages’. The most basic assumption here would be that the partners have, by the time of their marriage, reached a deep level of comfort—perhaps even to the point of becoming predictable for each other. It is ironical, then, that almost all of them have, at some point, considered themselves to be the most compatible of couples. So, what mysterious angle crops up between the two loving souls after they get married? What changes in their life appear to be so drastic and unacceptable that separation seems to be the only way out? Now, most of us will not be prepared to believe that it is the bedroom – the place that holds a couple’s most intimate memories – that is often also the place from where the breakdown of a marriage begins. The energies present in the house, in particular the bedroom, play a meaningful role in the relationship of the couple. And a couple who can begin to grasp the significance of this dynamic energy system will most likely re-discover their companionship sooner than expected. As per Vastu Shastra, a house has certain zones of attraction and, in a balanced state, these ensure loving husband-wife relations. By the same rationale, when these zones are imbalanced, they begin to create discord between the couple – a silly tiff that starts in the bedroom may escalate into a major dispute. Before long, the dispute may reach the court of law and conclude with the separation of the couple. Of course, many couples never get to know that the breakdown was not entirely their fault. They cannot fathom that negative energies were out and about in their house due to an imbalance in the bedroom. Those negative energies created obstructions and did not allow the couple to reach out to one another, engage in any meaningful conversation, or make love, leaving them further anxious and frustrated. These couples find themselves trapped in a negative sequence of events – without ever getting a breakthrough because they become too busy feeling wronged and blaming one another. Rarely, if ever, will they make the effort to revisit the past to understand where did it all begin – how they first stopped making love, stopped sharing the bedroom, and finally stopped communicating. The timeless wisdom of Vastu Shastra would tell these couples that it was the imbalanced energy system in their house that had influenced their minds, their sexual desires and even their decision-making abilities. As per the Vastu principle of zones, the North of North-West direction is the zone of Rati(goddess of sex), who ensures sensual enjoyment and a sense of fulfilment. This zone is also called the zone of marital bliss—the bliss that comes from being attracted to, and of being attractive to, your partner. The positive energy generated by this zone strengthens the connection between husband and wife. When this energy is diminished or absent, basic understanding, comfort level and the instinct to care go missing. There is neither physical nor emotional intimacy. The question is: how do we go about strengthening the North of North-West? What should be done to negate the ill effects of the zone? Well, the very first step is to find out what is placed in the zone and make sure that it is not being used as a dump, that no waste products or heavy products are lodged here. The best object to put in this zone is the couple’s wedding photograph, or any feel-good picture of the couple. Else, a portrait of Radha and Krishna will suffice. At the same time, one must bear in mind that the solution may not be that simple. There could be other parallel conflicts in the zone, which you would get to understand only after thoroughly understanding the concepts of Vastu Shastra. In any case, the next time you wonder if your partner is losing interest in you or is not attracted to you anymore, do not immediately start finding fault or suspecting their intention. Instead, start by doing a check on the North of North-West zone. Note: All Vastu remedies have positive results when applied after proper analysis and understanding of elemental imbalance in the space as per the four-step  Vastu method.    
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