In this tangible world, money is a common denomination that helps us achieve what we want. Over time, we have progressed from the barter system—exchanging goods and services with one another—to a new metaphor— money. Still, the fundamental idea is that you provide goods or services and are paid money in return.

You will notice disruptions in the money flow in your house or place of business if the worldly sub-conscious rejects your service or product.

You can use Vastu Verma to determine the causes of the world’s subconscious rejection of your goods and services. Your items or services not only become more appealing to consumers, but they are also more easily accepted after you reorganize your living or workspace in favor of money. They spend money buying things because they are drawn to them.

Subsequently, your house begins to draw in cash. Cash is growing at an exponential rate. From that point on, money begins to come in on a regular basis.

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