In practically every culture on the planet, the most crucial elements of social structures are family ties and value systems. Distorted family bonds and value systems cause life to become extremely dislocated and depressed, full of fears, and hinder all family members’ progress. The goal of creating a house is to uphold the values and the bonds within the family to live a good life. 
Vastu Zone of Ancestry (Pittra) governs family ties, love, relationships, and Vansh-Vriddhi (development of heredity). This is the key area to concentrate on if there are delays in marriage, problems in married life, disruptions in family harmony, challenges in childbirth, or a weakening of the relationship and value system in the house. 
According to the Vedic philosophy of life, a skill is genetically passed down from a father to his son. This zone is also known as the Zone of Skill because of this. Even so, expertise is more important than feelings in preserving family unity and connection.
 Family relationships and skills are affected if this Vastu Zone is disturbed by a cut or a toilet. Then, you sense that the family link is “strained,” and your attempts to keep it that way are ineffective. 
Using the Four Phases of Vastu, you must first determine whether the symptoms in question do, in fact, correspond precisely with the locations of things or activities in that zone. If all the symptoms align, then use Vastu techniques to bring harmony and a sense of family back. Numerous case studies exist where the strained relationships among family members caused the breakup of a joint family to be postponed. Vastu Verma was applied to address the issue promptly and amicably, creating win-win circumstances for all parties. 

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