Clarity of Mind is among the first advantages you experience when applying Vastu Verma to your house or place of business. 
Individuals who assert that applying Vastu Verma gave them clarity in every area of their lives frequently acknowledge that their minds were obscured before. Their minds were clouded or disorganized, making it difficult to see the big picture. They could not see how to do what they wished to do. They realized that hesitation or conundrums acted as roadblocks when they tried to proceed and take action, impairing their ability to think and reason. 
As VastuShastri Anil Verma often states, your subconscious is constantly taking in information from your immediate surroundings and programming itself. Your building’s Space begins to behave favorably as soon as you follow the steps of Vastu Verma and employ the  Vastu Techniques. Additionally, your subconscious begins to receive enlightenment and constructive knowledge for personal development. 
You begin to get insight into the conscious mental state that directs and facilitates your forward motion in life. 
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