Vastu Marma SathansThe word, Vastu is derived from “Vas” meaning to dwell or to live.Any construction has got two factors, viz , the mind to imagine and hand to work out in concrete part. All Maharishi’s even every one of us believe in the Importance of auspicious time. The starting point of time is a very important factor in everyone of its effects and is not unconnected with its mysterious powers.

Every point of time carries with it the same kind of potential energy as every point in space with which we are familiar in mechanics”.

We found that time and space are the two important factors in Vastu Shastra. Visvakarma and several Maharishi’s started their works with time factor, as a potential force and passed on to ground .

According to Indian Silpacheryas the term Silpa Sastra includes the three sciences,
1. Vastu, constriction of houses, temples, palaces etc which is known as Architecture.
2. Pratima Lakshana, preparation of images  known as Sculpture.
3. Chitra (Iconography) painting, decoration, adornments, etc.

Vastu buildings are designed through the application of specific measurements and orientations, to be echoing with the cosmic energy matrix of the universe.If this done properly by an Expert Vastu Consultant , the house floods with healing and nourishing energies.

Your life, your karmas, changes  for the better. All dimensions are related to a sacred Vastu Purusha Mandala and must be calculated with your birth star for all auspicious effects.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that is based upon the laws of nature i.e. five elements -Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space and its effects on human abodes and life. It articulates the rules for living spaces that would ensure health, congruence, success, and health for its residents.

The basics are orientation, auspicious entry, room locations, Sacred center (Brahmastan), sacred dimensions, and geometry.  A door must be precisely located for activation of most beneficial energy.

The point is you follow the principles from the beginning. Room placement and entrance are very small aspects of Vastu which is a sublimely deep, complex and powerful science.