Vastu Expert Visit

If required, we  conduct a detailed survey of the building. This includes details about the interiors, objects etc of your home or office.Then we study details oneby one to identify the problems. The Analysis entails detailed evaluation of more than 100 points which affect every aspect of your life like growth, health, family bondings, money, career, business, gains, Child Birth, children’s education etc.

A site visit is necessitated in some cases to assess factors, which cannot be adequately addressed in a plan . This is a detailed analysis to decide on optimum solutions.

We personally visits your building (Home, Factory,Shop, Office, Showroom and other) & observe and make a detailed practical study of the entire building.
like check and record the influence roads, building height, back lane, slopes, lights, water borings , and many more factors located outside and inside your building.
and in offices common corridor, escalator, roads, elevation, building height, and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries.

For Factories , we will check with the help of advanced tools and techniques of earth energies. We will also check and record roads and many other factors located outside and inside your factory. Also study of the layout of machine and production flow is undertaken.

We prepares and gives you the Vastu Report with suggestions of the most effective Vastu Solutions and Remedies to achieve the desired results for you.