Why should we follow principles or guidelines of Vastu?

If the five elements of nature are balanced and all obstructions to life-supporting energy are removed then you will receive the maximum life enhancing energy and support of nature, which will assist you in unfolding your full potential. You will have more opportunities and your thinking will be clear to act on them in the proper time.

Can I benefit from using Vaastu Shastra without demolishing my home and starting over?

Yes. There are a few very easy adjustments / remedies / resolutions you can use. We recomend only North-North-East and North-East Toilets to be demolish.

What care should we take while constructing the staircase?

To Increase Positive energy , Staircase should made anticlockwise direction, and where negative energy is Saircase should made in the clockwise direction. So, this depend on place, from where staircase is going to be made.

What are the directions we should avoid while placing the kitchen and toilet in the house?

Only North-North-East and North-East corners should be avoided.

Can Vaastu defect can be corrected by performing pooja, yogas etc.?

if your Computer is not working, you will call an Computer Engineer rather than praying to God. Vaastu is science related to Geo energies, so doing all this to remove defects is nothing but waste of money and time.

Is Vaastu applicable only to Hindus?

No, infect, it is a science of directions. It was written 5000 years back keeping in mind that, who so ever resides in a house, will be benefited, so the question of religion does not arise.

Why one should sleep with the head toward South?

North & human head both are positive poles, due to which they repel each other. Flow of magnetic field is from North of South, so body in North South axis will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in proper blood circulation, due to presence of iron in the blood.